うちの乏しい英語能力じゃあ理解しきれない(特にtrip関連) ので






Hey Everyone!!

Well I am officially back home in Chita, in my third host family and so far they are great. I thought you would all like to see what I did with my time on the train on the way home lol. This is very much a group e-mail as due to internet cost I don't have the time to write everyone a full one, but this way it is more interesting. Anywho....

I talked to my councilor last night at Rotary about the conference in June (and hi back at ya Marta!! Rimma said something about going to Novasibersk?? She could very well be off her rocker) she said that it wasn't a conference for students. I was all...WTF?!? I was told by Gail, the district lady that all the students were invited and Eleonora even said students went. But let's not forget that this is Rimma Kim. She said that I could go though and it defintiely is in the Altai Gorod place, which as I understood was a couple days by train from Irkutsk. So, most people will probably be flyin it, at least part way. I also asked who would be footn the bill and Rimma looked at me like I was nuts and said that of course it comes from the students' pockets. Now, my rotary paid for the train to and from Vlad, so I understand. But for the rest of you, you should still ask for your rotary to pay, or at least help with the cost. According to Eleonora, rotary should be paying anyway as it is a district conference. So that is the update on that matter. I would ask/mention it to your clubs soon though, and if anyone finds any info send out a group e-mail.

Oh, and if you all still don't know, Ryan cut his hair. It was my "duty" to tell everyone, but I couldn't on the train as I only got reception in cities. So now you have it. Oi.

Anywho, I hope that everyone is happy to be home and having a blast. Hopefully we see each other in June, that would really be cool. And depending on costs etc, if anyone wanted too they could probably stop off in Chita on the way to or back from the conference, just to split up the travelling a little and see Chita and all. I know that as we close in on the end of our year, costs are really tight, but the option is there is anyone wants to pounce.

With that I bid you all TTFN and look forward to hearing from you!!

Lots of love from Chita.....Jess!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

P.s. --> I'm pretty sure that's everyone, but if I didn't enter an address right, please send it on to the rest of the crew.